Rewards Program

Our Way of Saying “Thank You”

Who doesn’t love rewards? The thrill of earning a special treat is innate, and is nurtured throughout our lives (though the line between rewards and bribes can be very thin indeed, particularly when kids are involved).

In the spirit of making your day a little sweeter, we offer the APA Reward Program. Sign up for the APA Card – it’s free, as is membership participation – and earn points every time you stay at an APA hotel worldwide. Trade in your points for cash back – and increase your earnings when you become a Diamond Member.

Sign up for APA Rewards by filling out this form!

APA Rewards Program Features

  • Free to sign up and participate.
  • Earn 5 APA Points per dollar spent when booking through APA HOTEL official channels or when dining at an APA HOTEL affiliated restaurant. Some exceptions may apply.
  • Exchange 5000 APA Points for $50 checks, or exchange at higher increments.
  • Earn points at all international locations.

Detailed Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Membership is based on the APA Member's Club Rules. APA HOTELS & RESORTS (APA HOTEL) and APA PARTNER HOTELS (PARTNERS) issue APA CARD.
  • APA Points will be awarded only with a valid photo ID to an APA Member. APA Points can only be awarded to a guest staying in the room for which the points are to be awarded.
  • APA Points shall only be subject to expiration on the last day of 36 months after the last activity in the member's account.
  • APA HOTEL reserves the right to remove accrued APA Points in the case that an APA Member violates the APA Member's Club policies or the Accommodation Agreement.
  • Each member shall be responsible for advising APA HOTEL of any changes to guest information on My Page.
  • My Page is the sole method for ordering lost Member's Cards.
  • It is a requirement to provide birth date when signing up for APA Member's Club. If an APA Member does not have the Member's Card when checking in, the hotel will use the Member's birthday, along with a valid photo ID, to verify the member.
  • APA HOTEL establishes the Privacy Policy based on the US Privacy Act. Purpose for use of private information shall be specified under the Privacy Policy, including: 1) personal information such as name, age, sex, birthdate, address, and phone number, 2) reservation status, 3) stay records.
  • The only use of a Member's private information by APA Group would be for the purpose of: 1) provision of service related to the member's stay, 2) the member's reservations at APA Hotel, 3) legitimate contact, 4) APA GROUP advertising, 5) product development, 6) a Third-Party partnership.
  • Private information in the possession of APA HOTEL shall be used only by APA HOTEL except in the case of the following: 1) Member consensus, 2) non-identified disclosure, 3) consignment, 4) disclosure under the law, 5) property protection, 6) compliance, 7) shared use in APA GROUP and partners.
  • Membership cancellation proceeds under the following cases: 1) request by Member, 2) request of elimination of Privacy Policy, 3) breaking APA Member's Club rules, 4) false statement, 5) severe disturbance to hotel operations, 6) breaking any membership rules, 7) non-payment, 8) defacing and manipulation.
  • On the occurrence of any event of Force Majeure, APA Member's Club reserves the right to cease any services. Unauthorized use of My Page shall not be the responsibility of APA HOTEL.
  • APA Member's Club and its rules are subject to modification, cancellation, or limitation at any APA HOTEL, with or without notice.
  • These terms and conditions are accurate as of April 12, 2016. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.